Saline Unidose (30x5 ml)

Contact lens solutions
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100 - 300 ml
Saline solution
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Instructions for use / Package leaflet

Contains no preservatives.
Eye drops for eye cleansing, eye washing and contact lens rinsing. Physiological pH, suitable for the treatment of the ocular surface.

Instructions for use:

1. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling the lenses.
2. Take the Saline Unidose ampoule and open it by turning the top.
3. The ampoule should be used immediately after opening.

    • Use on contact lenses: Rinse.
      At the end of the cleaning process, or whenever necessary, grasp the contact lens and place it in the palm of your hand, then squirt a generous amount of the solution onto it while rubbing it gently with your fingertip. At the end of the process, you can place the contact lens directly into the eye.


    • Surgical use: Eye wash, drip and eye bath.
      Place a few drops of Saline Unidose in your eyes to wash out irritants and particles, or place on cotton wool and gently cleanse your eyelids and eye area. Use a new cotton pad for the other eye.


    • Use with enzyme tablets to clean contact lensesa: Dissolution
      Use the solution according to the instructions for the tablets.

Use the instructions for use with the tablets.

4. After each use, discard the packaging and any remaining solution to avoid unwanted contamination.


Date of last inspection: 11/2009/


      • For external use. Not suitable for use with hypodermic needles.


      • Use immediately after opening the ampoules. This product does not contain preservatives and the packaging should be discarded after use to avoid microbiological contamination.


      • Do not swallow the liquid and keep out of the reach of children.


      • Do not use if the ampoule is damaged.


      • In case of any unpleasant symptoms, consult a doctor or contact a competent contact lens professional.


      • Storage: at room temperature.


      • Liquid should only be used within the expiry date indicated on the packaging.


      • Before applying any medication to your eyes, tell your doctor that you wear contact lenses.

Extracts: Sterile, isotonic aqueous buffer solution


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