Menicare Pure 250ml
Menicare Pure 250ml

Menicare Pure 250ml

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Multifunctional (hard lens)
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Hard lens
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1 lens case
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MeniCare Pure (250ml)

MeniCare Pure multi-purpose lens solution from Menicon can only be used for hard, gas permeable lenses.

MeniCare Pure can be used for cleaning, protein and lipids removal, disinfection, storage, and rinsing.

It contains hypromellose, which increases the wettability of MeniCare Pure and helps in restoring moisture to your tear film.

Features of MeniCare Pure (250ml):

  • Designed for hard, gas permeable contact lenses
  • Restores moisture to the tear film
  • Removes lipids and protein deposits
  • Increases wettability of the lenses

Product description / Instructions for use

Natural composition

Natural polymer
ε-PL is a natural homopolymer of the essential amino acid L-lysine.
It is naturally secreted by various Streptomycetaceae bacteria and some filamentous fungi. Industrial production of ε-PL is carried out by aerobic fermentation of the strain Streptomyces albulus.


Since ε-polylysine is a natural homopolymer of the essential amino acid L-lysine, toxicity is lower than that of cationic disinfectants used in commercially available multi-purpose solutions.

Antimicrobial effect

ε-PL shows high and broad antibacterial activity due to its cationic nature. The predominant mechanism of ε-PL antimicrobial activity is that it leads to electrostatic adsorption onto the cell surface of microorganisms, which leads to destruction of the outer membrane and abnormal distribution of cytoplasm.


After boiling at 100 °C for 30 min or autoclaving at 120 °C for 20 min or storage at room temperature for 3 years, no degradation/denaturation is observed.

The effectiveness of MPS against biofilm

Place the staphylococcus epidermidis (isolated from contact lens users) in the culture medium (as a food source) and incubate the mixture long enough to form a biofilm in the lens case.

Replace the culture medium with MPS and allow them to soak for 4 hours.
The biofilm has destroyed almost all bacteria with the MENICARE PURE solution.


Artificial lipid (triglyceride) plates with 1% orange dye. * Triglyceride is one of the main lipids in tears
Measure the absorbance of the test solution after 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours to determine the amount of lipid solubilized by surfactant.

Protein denaturation


Denatured protein may cause the following:
Discomfort and allergy
Allergy, irritation, allergies, allergic reactions

Lysozyme was dissolved in each solution tube (final concentration 0.15%) and heated at 70°-90°C for 5 min. The denatured lysozyme becomes visible as whitish deposits.

[Cytotoxicity test according to ISO 10993-5 (colony forming assay)] l'IC50 measurement

Double filtration: this method eliminates microorganisms and insoluble particles of any size.

Instructions for use

Opening the product

  • The drip tray is closed.
  • To open, unscrew the cap clockwise.
  • The spike inside the cap will break through the seal.

Steps for use

Wash your hands thoroughly before handling contact lenses:
Gently rub the lens with a few drops of MENICARE PURE for 20 seconds.
Place the lenses in the right and left lens holder and rinse them with MENICARE PURE.
Fill the lens case with MENICARE PURE and soak the lenses for at least 30 minutes or overnight.
Insert the lenses using MENICARE PURE.
Keep lens clean and dry after use.
You can store lenses in an open case until ready to use, up to 30 days. If you store lenses for longer periods, they should be cleaned and disinfected every 30 days with MENICARE PURE solution.

Menicon recommends the use of Progent SP-Intensivreiniger (2x5 pcs) intensive cleaner once a week. Menicon's products are an excellent solution for contact lens care.

Product benefits

Safe and convenient packaging for improved sterility and integrity
Easy to handle glass
One-button cap.
The integrity of the container is maintained, opening and closing is automatic in one step.
The cap remains attached to the bottle, limiting the risk of contamination.

Manufactured by Menicon Co., Ltd.

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