Clinitas Hydrate (10 g)
Clinitas Hydrate (10 g)

Clinitas Hydrate (10 g)

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Unit size
10 g
Can be used after opening
28 days
Product type
Eye gel
Preservatives group
Quaternary ammonium compound
Active ingredient
Article No.

A daily gel that lasts up to six hours, making it ideal for overnight use.

Product information

Apply the gel to the surface of the eye when the eye is dry, gritty or sore. This discomfort can be caused by a number of things, including air conditioning and computer use. In air-conditioned rooms, tears evaporate faster, while using a computer means blinking less and this also dries the eyes. Consequently, these activities cause tiredness, irritation or pain in the eyes.

Clinitas Hydrate is a translucent gel that protects the eyes with a hydrating film coating that quickly relieves symptoms.
Clinitas Hydrate is a liquid gel. that relieves the discomfort of dry eyes.

Clinitas Hydrate is particularly good for preventing dry eye discomfort caused by:

  • Environmental factors, including wind and pollution problems
  • Hormonal medicines such as HRT and antihistamines
  • Easy to use due to its liquid gel droplet consistency
  • The polymer increases the water layer and comfort
  • Use 15 minutes before inserting contact lenses
  • Discard 28 days after opening
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