Boston Cleaner Conditioning Multipack

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Boston Cleaner Conditioning Multipack

Boston Advance Cleaner (30 ml)

Visibly coloured formula
For gas permeable, hard contact lenses
Removes lipid and protein deposits
Even better rinsing action

The product cannot be used with soft contact lenses!

This user guide contains important information. Please read it carefully and keep it for future reference.

For information about the product and important safety precautions, follow the instructions of your contact specialist and read the leaflet in the product packaging.
Daily use of Bausch & Lomb Boston ADVANCE Cleaner will prevent the build-up of stubborn deposits on the lens surface that can lead to a reduction in the comfort of wearing gas permeable hard contact lenses.
This product is specifically designed for use with Bausch & Lomb Boston ADVANCE Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution.
The Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning System is the best solution for two-phase cleaning and disinfection of gas permeable lenses.
The combination of Boston Advance Conditioner and Boston Advance Cleaner makes it easy and simple to use contact lenses safely and comfortably.

Instructions for use:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly before use.
  2. Gently rub both sides of the lenses in the palm of your hand with 6-8 drops of Boston Advance Cleaner for twenty (20) seconds.
  3. Remove all cleaning agents by thorough rinsing as directed by your eye care professional.
  4. Place the lenses in the lens case and refill with fresh conditioning solution.

If you accidentally get cleaning solution in your eye, remove the lens and immediately flush the eye with running tap water until the cleaning solution is thoroughly removed. If you experience any discomfort in your eyes, excessive watering, changes in vision or redness of the eye, contact your eye care professional immediately.


  1. Always use fresh liquid.
  2. Always soak the lenses in the conditioning fluid. Never soak lenses in a cleaning solution. Always rinse lenses thoroughly (as directed by your eye care professional) before cleaning with cleaning fluid and conditioning with conditioning solution.
  3. Never touch the dropper tip of the bottle to any surface as this may contaminate the solution.
  4. Always reseal the bottle after use.
  5. Always wash hands thoroughly before replacing lenses.
  6. Do not use the liquid beyond the expiry date.


  • This product must not come into direct contact with the human eye during use.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use beyond the expiry date.
  • Do not use if the neck of the bottle is damaged.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this product.
  • Discard 3 months after first opening.


Active ingredient:alkyl sulphate surfactant (8.0% w/v)
Other ingredients: sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, non-ionized alcohol surfactant, silicone gel suspension, titanium dioxide.

It is designed as part of a two-step lens care system with Boston Advance Conditioning Solution for gas-permeable (GP) contact lenses.


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